modernizing entrepreneurial training  |  expanding access to capital

Why engage in a focused pursuit of funding and limit your options when you can go-to-market, seek revenue and enhance your opportunities? We can show you how.

Founder or Small Business Owner? Do you want to:

Answer questions about entrepreneurship you did not know to ask.

Take part in a program that supports customized preparation to ideate, go-to-market, take investment, or grow. 

Optimize how you resource your business in a way that is best for you.

Learn and put into action the practical solutions to issues related to your preparation.

Define for yourself a vision for your business that fits what you want to be when you grow up.

Then you've come to the right place. Merchants on Kindred Square are exclusively 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni or Kindred Challenge Participants and Graduates.


TAKE THE KINDRED CHALLENGE and expand your opportunities!

The environment that encompasses start-ups and small businesses is characterized by uncertainty. Entrepreneurship is the tool to help you as a founder or business owner manage issues surrounding non-predictability. The Kindred Challenge gives you the power to confidently make your own decisions through iterative programs preparing you to ideate, go-to-market, acquire resources, and grow. It's all about preparation. Our peer-focused programs come in two levels of depth and effort required. Seek out others having a trusted affiliation and apply for what's next. 

Applications open for the Fall 2020 Kindred Challenge August 31.

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