Founded by Babson alumni in 2019 as a joint venture between Catapult Intelligence, a forensic valuation professional services firm, and Crowd Source Funded, an SEC and FINRA regulated Funding Portal, Kindred is not a broker/dealer, nor investment advisor. Kindred does not make recommendations on investments. All actions taken by users of our platform are self-directed.


DEFINITION OF A SUCCESSFUL STARTUP.  Consider our national start-up ecosystem with its geographies, support systems, institutions, and funding sources. Which entrepreneurs are Celebrated? Who gets the invite to that panel discussion? Venture capital is valuable, accessible to but a select few types of companies in very specific geographies. Yet, the vast majority of ecosystem stakeholders drive start-ups towards a funding model, rather than towards the possibility that they won’t get funding and should prepare by addressing product:market fit and business model fit to make a first sale.Venture has self-defined for us all a very exclusive definition of success. Yet, there are broader stories of entrepreneurial success just waiting to be told.

DIFFICULTY WITH GOING TO MARKET.   We have found that just a small minority of startups are prepared to approach not just ‘fit’ issues, but also the practical tasks associated with making that first sale. Even fewer are planning for repeating the success of that first sale. Fewer still are able to articulate a plan to resource their continued sales success. Startups with whom we’ve interacted express a significant level of distress. Going to Market is a decision made with little support; it exposes a vulnerability that is compounded by a feeling of ‘facing a stiff, cold breeze’ as they attempt to enter the market alone. 


MISMATCH IN CAPITAL FIT.   Kaufman Foundation 2017 data show us that 83% of Small to Medium Sized Businesses demonstrate a lack of capital fit – in other words they are not optimized to obtain either bank financing or professional equity.​ Another way to look at the data is to say that the current capital structure is not set up in such a way so as to enable resource providers to even address the opportunity, the chance, the potential of reaping financial rewards via investing in  the launch and growth of the bulk of small businesses.



DUSTAN BONNIN. Founder and Principal, Catapult Intelligence. MBA, Babson College. Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Education (SEE45).  Master Analyst Financial Forensics-Candidate (MAFF), and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), via NACVA. Dustan performs business valuation, financial forensics, anti-fraud, and economic damage analysis for SMEs and their professional service providers. Dustan is a Virtual Business Advisor for Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses at Babson.


TIM HOGAN. Co-Founder Crowd Source Funded.  Experience includes Robertson Stephens – Managing Director, Head of eCommerce; Fidelity Investments – Senior Vice President, Head of Global Securities Offerings; Shearson Lehman – Executive Vice President, Derivatives and Financial Engineering.


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