The Kindred Challenge

What's Next for Incubated Companies

Kindred's framework supports the allocation of capital to entrepreneurial ventures with launch requirements of less than $100,000 and growth needs of less than $1,000,000.  

Our experience has taught us that many (most?) entrepreneurs are not prepared, from a practical point of view, to launch or to raise capital. We challenge entrepreneurs to prove us wrong by graduating from our gamified program of twenty practical tasks, dubbed Practicals. 

Entrepreneurs receive direction and access content through well-known educational platforms.  While we expect the entrepreneurs to move through the Practicals in a self-directed fashion, we provide just a little hand-holding in the form of light, non-advisory frameworks. Each Practical is scored, self-reported and broadcast.  In order to gain recognition for completing our program, entrepreneurs must obtain a score of 60 out of 96. Not every Practical needs completing; they choose which Practicals to work through - those that matter most to their business.  

Community members have an opportunity to interact with the entrepreneurs as they move through the Practicals through a community management tool that is the intersection where discussions organized around relevant topics are had. We have populated the site with non-advisory investor education-related content. We encourage those with expertise to share and help the rest of us grow.    

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