A message from our Co-Founder

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We made this video in support of our soft-launch in September 2019 at Babson College's Centennial Celebration. Looking back now, it seems quite a different time. Contextually, it is still relevant. We soft-launched with the idea that we could take entrepreneurs and investors as they are, put them together in a compliant digital environment and voila...capital fit...funding...everyone's happy.

Things did not work out as planned - naturally. Our interactions with our entrepreneurs demonstrated a lack of product : market fit on our part. Apparently, the vast majority of them were not ready for our assistance; they were not prepared! But, for what exactly? We've taken time to evaluate that question critically.

Our learnings resulted in what is now the Preparation Challenge. I'm going to end here for now, and leave a little for discussion fodder as we progress to our next launch date in May 2020.



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