Organizations taking the long view when serving the start-up community while supporting Kindred's vision are our Stakeholders.

Kindred's Stakeholders leverage strategic partnerships to create alumni-powered socioeconomic value for our community.

Kindred invites the professional investment community to follow the progress of our community's entrepreneurial ventures having launch requirements of less than $100,000 and growth needs of less than $1,000,000.  

Capital is compliantly provided via a mix of subordinated debt and equity securities. Kindred believes our entrepreneurs would benefit from the presence of financial professionals when considering the implications of funding decisions.

We welcome coaches, professional service providers, and value chain partners to mentor our entrepreneurs who are expected not just to advise and be accountable to fellow entrepreneurs in their cohort, but also to do business with Kindred Members.

Kindred's community supports entrepreneurs with training inflected by the experiences and connections of our network of industry participants, leaders and educators. We welcome the opportunity to co-develop curriculum, submit studies for publication, other creative endeavors. 

Each cohort of The Kindred Project is built during two open enrollment periods in the academic calendar, Fall and Spring.  

 Get in touch before September 1, 2019.

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