Universities nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit not just in start-up ventures, but in their students and alumni are our Universities.

Kindred leverages strategic partnerships to create socioeconomic value for Universities.

Kindred's framework supports the opportunity for alumni to invest capital in affiliated entrepreneurial ventures with launch requirements of less than $100,000 and growth needs of less than $1,000,000 inside and/or outside of university-sponsored programming. 

Through our compliance and diligence partners, alumni can support affiliated entrepreneurs via a mix of subordinated debt and equity securities outside of the university's legal framework.

Our universities support the spirit of informed self-reliance our investors use in making investment decisions, and engage the Kindred community through their own initiatives.

Kindred's community supports our university's education and network development efforts by enabling the connections between alumni, industry participants, leaders and educators. 

Each cohort of The Kindred Project is built during two open enrollment periods in the academic calendar, Fall and Spring.  

Who will be the 1st University to Engage Kindred?

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